Today I discovered the Marathon Handbook Website and I am going to try to use it for the training portion of my journey. I like the site because it tiers the training from 1. Couch to 5k 2. 5k-10k and so on until it reaches the marathon level.

Sunday was the first of many get off your butt events in my training regiment. I did a great introduction to the town trail hike with my wife. This inspired me to get going on the training…starting with just moving. I am also researching virtual 5k events, which I hate paying for. My intent is that paying the money for the virtual 5k will make me do it.

The journey is slow but is moving forward. I have been working on closing all goals on Apple Health and moved forward with a “trail running” shoe search through REI. I have my choice down to 2 or 3. This will help me to start walking and slowly working to a run. I do have my Karhu shoe from Finland which will help be start. Skiing has been the activity that has been at the top of the list so far. This will end this weekend as it is my last pass day for the season. I have chosen the Helly Hanson Varde Trail Running Shoes.

December is the time to review where the 20% Project is at and what changes need to be made to move forward with a successful project.

My work with Measuring what matters has taken on a life of it self as I am assigning more OKR’s to my daily tasks. By the end of December, I set a new goal to complete the book and begin implementing the worksheets on OKR’s in January.

I am satisfied with the progress made so far and will update the December and January Deliverables accordingly.

This week I decided to dig in to the difference between OKR’s and Smart Goals and how they effect planning and tracking of progress. I also examined if I will be using OKR’s in small measurable goal area, or determine if that is too narrow of a scope for the goal process…off to the next set of reading to find out where we are to go with this. I the process of examining the Measure What Matters Book, I discovered the Rocketbook Fusion which digitizes written notes and includes an OKR section that can be scanned to a digital presence. I am on the fence on ordering one to help with this process, but I think it will be a great additional tool as I go through the 20%time process.

Rocketbook Fusion

I am delving deep into the Measure What Matters book by John Doer. This will help me to learn about OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results), and how to implement in my life and the life of my students. It is an interesting comparative look at how they work and how they differ from S.M.A.R.T. goals. Thank you for taking this journey with me! Enjoy the Trip!

For my 20% Time Project I will be taking a course through EDX, a MOOC Platform. This specific course comes to us from Curtin University in Australia, taught by Professor Demetrios Sampson. The course will discuss what educational data is, teaching analytics, learning analytics, and the circle of inquiry. The course includes 5 modules of learning, each completed via online assessment. I look forward to this course because throughout my career in education, I have found the power of making data driven decisions will help the outcomes in learning and teaching. It is my hope to use what I learn to help create and desegregate data for Polson High School. Each module will work as a deliverable for the final product.

It is nearing the end of October and I have no idea what to do for my 20% Time project. I am thinking about revisiting mindfulness as it could quite possibly be the key to success in all areas of life. Whether or not you are a executive in the business world, a fast food server, or a busy parent, I have seen that a few minutes of time spent solely on your self and your inner calm will prevent stress, anger, and alertness. In the upcoming months, I will explore the world of mindfulness through meditation, music, and self-care.


Richard Sawyer

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